Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bullialdus Region

Here is a photo of an interesting lunar region. Compare it to the map copied from Virtual Moon Atlas. The crater Ballialdus sits nicely in the top right, and you can see some decent ridge detail within its walls. Amongst the other craters to the West, are a series of rilles which are rather striking. It's a pretty neat site through the eyepiece and makes for an interesting image, IMHO.

My image:

Virtual Moon Atlas Representation:


Anonymous said...

is it me or are the craters to the top left in both of these pictures different. Your recent picture shows the bottom of the group of three way over to the right when compared with the older picture?

Phil said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

The orientation of the map (bottom picture) is a little mismatched the photo I took (top picture) so both either miss or display extra details. It was hard to get it precisely matched.

Anonymous said...

Ah i see, just freaked me out for a minute! By the way, i noticed on your pictures you have a Nikon camera. What model is that? Because i have just bought a nikon and if i have the same one i will be very pleased because i will be ne step closer to getting pictures like yours :)

james said...

Hi, ignore my last comment about what camera you have. I have just seen it is the same as mine! I may have to hound your for informatin because I am new to it and i have searched high and low for someone who takes astro images with the nikon D40. Could i give you my email so we can compare and swap hints and tips?
Any help you could give would be great!

Phil said...

No worries, James.

Best thing to do is post a comment here again with your email address. I won't publish it but will send you an email directly to make further contact.

Am more than happy to share tips about the D40 for astro use. It's a great camera and does fine for this. I am no pro, though (still learning!). Also, note that the closeup shots were taken with a webcam, not the D40.