Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teaching the Kids, Quick Snap of the Moon and Venus

Tonight was NICE! Chilly, but very clear and transparency appeared to be quite good. So, in keeping with one of my IYA goals, I got the kids rugged up in some warm clothes and we went out front. I spent half an hour teaching them how to use a Dobsonian. I had given them my 6" Dob to use, and they were very excited about getting it out for the first time. It has a red dot finder on it, which I think might be easier (and cooler!) for kids to use. It paid off. I spent the first ten minutes teaching them the parts of the scope, including the mirrors, focuser, finderscope, rocker box and eyepieces. Then I showed them how to use the fidner scope. Ten minutes after showing them how to use the finder, they each got the Moon, Venus and Sirius in the eyepiece field of view. They did really well. So, we spent a bit of time enjoying the cresent moon, then went inside for some well earned hot chocolate!

After I put them to bed I quickly ran back outside with my camera and shot the Moon and Venus. Tomorrow they are supposed to be about three degrees apart, but I wanted to just take a quick shot of them. So, my snapshot is below.

Image Details:
  • Nikon D40
  • 75mm Focal Length
  • ISO1600
  • 1.3 Second Exposure @ F5


Polaris B said...

Very nice! Wish I had taken it.

Ewan said...

Hi Phil. That's a great shot. I had a chance to see the crescent Moon last night as it was setting. The Earthshine was exceptional (as it is in your photograph). I'm glad your kids had fun. It's always great sharing their wonder of the cosmos through fresh eyes.

Clear skies


Phil said...

Ahh, I didn't realize that was "Earthshine". Excellent! A bit of a fluke but I will take it :-)