Thursday, January 08, 2009

First Attempt at Venus

Clear skies tonight, and Venus was easily visible from my front driveway. So, out came the LX200 and I started shooting. Without an Ultra Violet filter, you're not going to get too much surface detail from this bright planet. Still, I was able to capture the current phase (54%), and it looks rather eerie!

Image Details:
  • Meade LX200 8" SCT @ F13
  • SPC900NC Webcam with 2X Barlow
  • 1973/2021 frames at 10 FPS
  • Captured in K3CCDTools
  • Stacked in Registax

The shot below is the same image, but with mild saturation (Colorize) in Photoshop:


Polaris B said...

Well, this is very nice! If I'm not mistaken, that surface is not entirely uniform, though it's close. I look forward to many more!

Phil said...

Thanks, mate! It's such a bright object to image, and as a result the raw image was difficult to set up.

Ewan said...

You've captured the quarter phase of Venus beautifully. A wonderful shot!

Phil said...

Thanks, Ewan!!!