Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lightbridge Truss Tube Mods

I spent some time today spending some TLC time with my Lightbridge. Just tightening the odd bolt and screw, blowing dust and hair (?) off the primary mirror etc. It's something that needs to be done once every few months and I am guilty of not being as disciplined in this regard as I should have been since buying the scope.

I had read about folks changing their Lightbridge truss tubes by either painting them black or covering them with black pipe insulation. I chose the latter option. It was far cheaper (under $10.00 for three lengths of 1" foam pipe insulation) and also makes it easier to hold the truss tubes when steering the scope in the cold! The pictures below show the results (before and after). I love the new look of the scope after performing this very simple modification, and it should cut down on the inner reflectivity of the main scope when using the light shroud.

Click on both images for full size pics!


Anonymous said...

I like the info and pictures on your blog.
How did you modify your focuser so that it is tilted 45degrees?
I have a Lightbridge and could really benefit from doing this.

Phil said...

Hi there!

To tilt the focuser, there are two very small alan key or hex key bolts that sit around the main focuser tube, near the focuser plate (which attached to the upper tube assembly). Simply loosen them and tilt the focuser to the desired angle.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the compliments on the blog!


Phil said...

Sorry! I got it wrong. I was thinking of my Dad's dob which is different *smacks forehead*

There are two small alan key or hex key bolts on the TOP AND BOTTOM of the focuser base plate which attaches to the white upper tube assembly. Loosen those, then tilt accordingly.


Pete said...

Thanks for the pics, and modification notes on your LightBridge! I like the foam trick...and plan on doing that when my new 10" LB arrives.
Keep up the great work!

Pete said...

Thanks for all the tips and mods on your LightBridge! I'll be using the foam trick...and maybe the others. I've seen some wheel modifications done out there...have you any tips on moving the scope around when put together?

Phil said...

Hi Pete,

Sorry for the late response, have been overseas.

No tips there, unfortunately. I have just been moving it around piece bu piece. Some folks make or attach wheely trolleys to the scopes. My dad did that with his 10" scope and it works okay, a bit unstable though. I think JMI sells a secure and safe wheeley bar system for the LB.