Sunday, October 19, 2008

M27 - Better Attempt (?)

Last night despite shooting M15, my real target was the M27 "Dumbbell" nebula again. It's one of the brightest targets up there right now and is just past zenith, so it makes for a good target. I focused more on proper polar alignment using a combination of iterative alignment and retraining my periodic error correction mechanism on the LX200. I also made sure to grab a few dark frames this time around to counter noise from the light frames. The result is better than my first attempt for sure, as you can see nicer transparency within the nebula itself, revealing some interesting star detail.

Image Details:
14 minutes total exposure time (7 * 2 minute exposures)
4 * 2 minute dark frames
Nikon D40
Meade LX200 8" @ F6.3
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Mild sharpening in Photoshop
Noise reduction in Neat Image

Click on image for full size

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