Sunday, September 21, 2008

Observing Session: 9/19/08

Last Friday I took the 12" Lightbridge out for some visual fun. The conditions were nice and I spent a couple of hours before the moon came up to explore some deeps sky stuff. As I was setting up the scope, I notice Venus shining brightly over to the West. The photo below captures the view from the observing spot. On the power line towers you can make out the large number of vultures that nestle there each night.

Observation-wise, nothing new to report really, just a bit of random scanning and paying attention to some more detail with specific DSOs. I spent a lot of time of the M17 Swan Nebula which was rather prominent that evening. Also checked out some DSOs around Sagittarius. The seeing conditions provided for an excellent view of Jupiter, and over the course of my session I watched the Great Red Spot move from the side to the center of the planet's disc.

At about 8:30, the International Space Station made a pass overhead. I quickly set up my camera on its tripod and shot the 25 second exposure below. Not brilliant, but it's my first ISS capture.

At about 11:00 or so, a bright orange moon rose from the East, bringing with it my last chance to observe additional DSOs. I did take a quick snap of the moon though as the color was lovely.


Ewan Bryce said...

Hi Phil. Great pictures you've got there. Very atmospheric! Well done on capturing the ISS by the way. I'd be more than happy if that picture was one of mine.

Phil said...

Thanks, Ewan!!! One day I'll try capture the ISS through my 8" and Toucam. Some folks have captured amazing shots that way.

Clear Skies,