Friday, August 01, 2008

Meade Superwedge on Order!

A while back I bought a standard Meade equatorial wedge for use with Deep Space Imager camera I had back then. The wedge wasn't entirely stable, and after much frustration sold it and the DSI on Astromart. Now that I have a DSLR, I am getting another, better wedge. I found a Meade Superwedge being sold by a chap within the state, and looking to get it shipped over the next few days. While I have read that the Superwedge has its issues, I can't seem to be justify paying twice the price for a brand new model or from a different manufacturer. I'm getting the wedge for $250, and bran new they are $499 or so! That's a lot of money for a hunk of metal. So, whetever shortcomings it has, i'll work with it. It should be fine.

The next step will be to get a small refractor for wide-field shots. I'm eyeing the Williams Optics 66mm Zenithstar or the 80mm Zenithstar at this point. Whatever I end up with, I'll mount it on the LX200 and should get some nice shots! That's probably about a month or two out, yet. When I get the wedge I will need to learn how to accurately polar align, which I am sure will be brilliant fun... *insert sarcastic laugh here*

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