Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NOT How One Should Take a Moon Shot...

...but it came out relatively okay! The photo below was taken afocally using the Nikon D40 hand-held up to my Orion XT6 Dobsonian with 22mm Panoptic eyepiece. It's really not the best way to take a moon photo, both with the type of scope used and the way I hand-held it to the eyepiece. I was just in an experimental mood, I suppose.

A mate of mine at work has a Nikon T-Mount and adapter combination that he is willing to lend me. Excellent! Maybe I'll try some shots next week. In the meantime, I found the link below with some examples of a chap who uses a Nikon D40 with an LX200 8" scope (exactly the same set up as I will be using) in alt-az mode (no wedge). His examples have me very excited!


Jase said...

Looks pretty good to me :)
Can't wait until you can attach it to the scope in some more "proper" way!

932 said...