Monday, March 24, 2008

Nailing the Ringed Giant

Everything came together tonight. The scope aligned and went to Saturn first go, and kept it right in the FOV even with a barlow. The photo above is taken from a 3,000 frame .AVI file. Registax kept the best 1200 frames for this image. I then adjusted the wavelets to produce the resulting image.

There's still a level of graininess there. I think that's the noise from the webcam. There could be sharper detail as well, but I think the color is nice and, quite frankly, it's the best, most accurate portrayal of Saturn I have yet taken.

Also, one mildly annoying thing is that Blogger tends to worsen the quality of my images when I upload them. They look great in Adobe Photoshop on my home PC, but when I upload them and view them on the blog, quality is somewhat degraded. Not sure why!

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