Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting used to the Toucam - Moon Shots

Conditions were quite nice last night. Seeing was 4/5, transparency was 3/5. Not too bad.

I spent several hours tinkering with the Toucam last night. I first performed a barlowed collimation of the LX200 first, and then took several .AVI files of the moon which I processed in K3CCDTools and Photoshop. Below are a couple of examples of the results.

I still need to work on getting good focus. The detail is okay in these but I would like sharper images. Still, the Toucam is really paying off, giving better results than the Meade LPI without a doubt.

I also took several long images of Mars. When processed I'll post them here. The AVIs look pretty good, I captured the ice cap and some surface detail. I just can't seem to extrapolate any really decent detail yet. I'll keep working at it.

I also gave another tour of the moon over the internet last night using the Toucam and MSN messenger. Dad was home from work early so he sat there and I roamed over the moon with my scope, and he really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Phil :-)
I also took a photo of the moon - the past 2 mornings - yes mornings - it's been bright as sitting up there in the sky - so took a photo hand held with 200mm lens f5.6 and cropped it to something very small 400px X 450px or something - but i was quite happy with the results :-)

See you in a few weeks in London!


Phil said...

Thanks ,mate! Send me what you have...

I'll be in touch this weekend about London. Looking forward to catching up after all these years!


Anonymous said...

check it out on - it's not so close as yours but not bad as it was only through a 200mm lens :) (300mm 35mm equiv), Jase