Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Carefully diving back into astrophotography

I found a good deal on the Philips Toucam III (AKA SPC 900NC) web camera. I have read that these cameras can be quite good for taking snaps of the moon and solar system objects, using cheap software like Registax, K3CCD Tools etc. I've felt the urge to get back into astrophotography for a little while now, but more carefully and with better equipment. For $50.00 brand new, I thought why not this camera a try. This newer model has a rather large CCD chip inside, and in scouring the web I have found some decent results from other astrophotographers. Should be here early next week and I'll target the second weekend in November to start experimenting. I don't have a wedge anymore so I'm going to start off simple with short exposure on the moon, just so I can get used to the software settings and post-image processing techniques. I'll then try it on Mars and see how things go.

This should make for a decent start (restart?) before deciding to invest in a more heavy-duty wedge and advanced camera system. Hopefully I'll have some photos to show in the next couple of weeks.


imjeffp said...

I'm very happy with my SPC900NC. If you don't already have a UV/IR filter for it, I'd suggest one. And do you have the adapter?

Good timing too, because we've got Mars & Saturn both in the early morning now.

Phil said...

I have the adapter on the way (via an eBay seller). Don't have the UV/IR filter yet but will work on that.

Mars would be a great target!