Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to the UK!

We're off to see my family in the UK in December. We were tossing and turning about it, and my uncle had purchased some concert tickets for a really neat show to be played at the O2 Stadium in London on December 22. Don't laugh, but the show is a live performance of Jeff Wayne's "Musical Version of War of the Worlds". It's campy, it's silly, but heck, my parents played it over and over when I was a kid and now I am addicted to it, and quite frankly, this version is better than the Spielberg film that came out a while back. It's been in the UK top ten for over three decades so that says something! Being made in the late 1970s, it stars rock stars of the era including Justin Hayward, Chris Thompson and Phil Lynott. But, the mix of pop, opera and nifty sound effects do work to create some interesting mental visuals, and the album has been an incredible success since its release. They recently released an SA-CD version of the album and it's a big improvement.

Anyway, it will be good to meet the family again as last time I travelled to England it was due to my grandmother's failing health, so these will be much nicer circumstances. We'll get a bit of touring in (London and the countryside) and will probably visit the area where I used to live, just for a laugh.

My wife found a brilliant airfare sale with British Airways and we purchased our tickets yesterday. We also got a hire car so I get to wizz around those mad English roundabouts. The kids are coming too, so it's fun for everyone!


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mark_smith said...

Hope you enjoy your stay in the UK lots to see :)

Great blog keep up the good work