Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Observing Session 8/6/07: Panoptic 22mm Test

We've had some lovely nights here lately - clear skies and very good transparency! I took the LX200 out to the local popular observing spot and had a really enjoyable evening. I hadn't really put the Panoptic 22 mm through its paces since I brought it back from Australia with me, and targeted several deep sky objects with it.

Observing list with comments (and specific reference to the 22mm Panoptic) below:
  • M57 (Ring Nebula): With the 22 Pan by itself, I could see a very small nebula with a nice flat star field behind it. With the 2X barlow, the Ring was clearly seen with terrific contrast.
  • M27 (Dumbbell Nebula): Didn't need to use the barlow with the 22 Pan for this! Lovely image, very clear, pronounced nebula. Best view of it to date.
  • M81 (Bode's Nebula): Faint due to light pollution but the 22 Pan gave a nice view nonetheless.
  • M82 (Cigar Galaxy): Object very clear and distinct, nice!
  • M8 (Lagoon Nebula): Pan showed a lovely flat field of view with starts and good nebulosity
  • M13 (Great Globular on Hercules): Nice and bright with the regular Pan 22, lots of stars resolved. With the barlow it was rather dark, though, but still a pleasant sight.
  • M17 (Omega Nebula): Very clear, just wonderful (one of my favorite gray smudges up there!) Pan 22 did a lovely job of displaying this object.
  • M6 (Butterfly Cluster): Pan showed great star color, tack sharp!
So, I am very pleased with this eyepiece. It's has a lovely wide field that is sharp and flat, and draws out great color and detail. Highly recommended!!!!

I actually just sold my Orion Stratus 22mm and 8mm eyepieces. The money from those will go to either a Radian 10mm or a Nagler 9mm...

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