Sunday, June 24, 2007

Australia Report 4.5: More Astronomy

We had a brief couple of hours of clear skies tonight and Dad and I rushed his scope outside to see what we could see. Here's a pic of Dad standing proudly with his scope. He loves it and it's a great instrument, delivering very nice views indeed. He attached the coaster wheels (lockable) and "driving handle" as he calls it for easier transportation out onto his back deck. Works a treat!

We explored more of the Sagittarius region, which was almost at the zenith. We visited some of the objects we observed a few nights ago. These included M8, M17, M22 and M25. I spent some time showing Dad how to find these [somewhat] easily using the starhopping method (having the laser pointer I gave him helped!). I also found some other small fuzzy objects I couldn't identify by just leisurely scanning around the region. Very interesting part of the sky! We then checked out a couple of globular clusters in Opichius, namely M10 and M12. They were nice little globulars. We also checked out M6 and M7 before returning to Omega Centauri for some ooh~ing and ahh~ing!

The clouds came back in again, so back inside we went for coffee and conversation. I'm sure we'll have more opportunities but that moon is getting bigger and is staying up later now, so tonight may have been our last chance for decent viewing.

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