Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse today! By the time the moon rose tonight (at about 18:45 local) the eclipse was mostly over. I dragged the Dobsonian to the end of the street and observed it with the kids and a neighbor who had a lovely digital SLR with him. We had tons of clouds out towards the East, and it was hard to get a really good look at it. I tried to snap a few photos when there was a break in the clouds but just couldn't do it justice. Here is the best image I was able to take.

My uncle in the UK called me two hours earlier where he and his girlfriend had been watching it reach near totality. He's not normally into this sort of thing but was glad he paid attention to it. He called me asking all sorts of questions of eclipses, orbits, the sun etc.

Nicer images of the event can be found here.


Jan said...

Hi Phil...hopes all is well. :)

Phil said...

Hey Jan,

Yep, doing fine but have been busy with the new job, so haven't been to MUO in a while. I do hear you're back in Australia these days?


Jan said...

Yep...and loving it. :) Glad all is well. Hope the potty training is going well. ;)