Thursday, December 07, 2006

100th Post!

Good golly gosh! 100 things to say - I didn't realize I was so full of cr*p about astronomy and other matters. Well, with the impending acquisition of a deep sky imager, the next 100 posts should definitely be more interesting!

I've been reading the user guide for the Meade DSI and it looks reasonably straightforward. I'm not too keen on the Meade Autostar Suite user interface but for the price I am getting the imager for, I will stick it out. Maybe I can use some other software like Registax if I really can't tolerate it. The skies look so-so for the next 8 days so it may be a while before I really get to test it out.


imjeffp said...

Take a look at Nebulosity for DSI imaging:

I haven't tried it out with Barry's borrowed DSI yet (stoopid clouds), but it's been working great with the Rebel XT.

Phil said...

That looks decent, and not overly expensive either. Maybe I'll get that after I get a wedge...