Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moon - Alpine Valley

This is an image of the Alpine Valley region of the moon. This wasn't taken with the Meade LPI, rather my 3.5mpxl digital camera throught the Orion XT6.

It's an interesting moon feature that is quite prominent when viewed through a telescope. The valley itself (the gash mark at center top) is supposed to be about 168KM long.

The larger creater near it is Plato.


imjeffp said...

One of my astro goals is to either positively observe or photograph the rille running down the middle of the Valley. I think I've seen it, but I'm not sure it wasn't a case of averted imagination.

Phil said...

That looks like quite the challenge, Jeff! I found the link below after reading your post and must say I'm inclined to want to tak up this challenge myself!

Doug said...

If you are coming North this weekend, you should try to make it to the North Texas Skywatch star party at Lake Mineral Wells!

Phil said...

Would love to, mate, but we're holing up this weekend as we're off to AR to see L's dad for Thankgiving on Tuesday. You going?
[Just got back from a business trip but this weekend looks to be very clear. BUT as I've been away for four days it wouldn't be right for me to leave L with the kids another night :-( )