Thursday, November 02, 2006

So-so Moon Photos

Yep, they're not brilliant at all. The conditions were ordinary tonight but the kids were asleep, my wife was out and I wanted to test the LPI camera finally to see if it really does work again. It does, but I need better conditions for photos.

The moon as viewed in the software was shifitng around a fair bit, in and out of focus. That was either bad seeing conditions or the moon itself was perhaps too bright. I tried to underexpose the photos to compensate but the software wouldn't let me! Grrr. Anyway, I'll keep working at it.

The photo above is a picture taken near the day/night terminator. The larger crater at top right is Kepler. At bottom left are two decent sized craters named Aristarchus (right, one of the moon's younger craters) and Herodotus (left). The squiggly line running from these is called Vallis Schroteri, a valley running about 160 KM long and about 11 KM wide! The picture to the right is a close up shot that I took of the region using a 2X barlow - reveals a bit more detail.

The image to the left was another of the better images I took tonight, sharp enough for a decent view. This is the Mare Imbrium ("Sea of Showers") region. The crater at lower right is Plato. The smaller crater almost directly above Plato is Timocharis.

I'm really trying to find out how to take more realistic looking images. These look overexposed and a bit too bright/electronic. I messed with them a fair bit in Photoshop and they did look better after some noise reduction, sharpening and light curve adjustment, but I'm not satisfied yet.

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