Saturday, October 21, 2006

Go Little Socceroos!!!!

Well, did my little U5 soccer team do well this morning! Each of the kids got at least one goal each, and they were just so proud of themselves. It actually was a very high scoring game (11 goals to the other team's 5). I'm not really trying to keep score, but it was a real turnaround from previous games where the team really just stood and watched the other teams score goal after goal.

All the practice we had with defence over the last three weeks really paid off, with the kids scrambling in front of the other team as they approached the goal and got the ball away from them with relative ease. Plus, they knew exactly how to turn the ball around and get it down to the other side of the field as quickly as possible. They did just great! Coaching sure is hard work, even for the under five league, but it's moments like this where it becomes all worthwhile.

As a side note, my oldest kicked a great goal and she is now talking about getting gold medals when she grows up. No harm in that!

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