Saturday, October 07, 2006

1RPD Eyepiece Arrived & Soccer Fun and Games

The 1RPD eyepiece turned up in the mail yesterday, and it's in great condition, having purchased it second hand. It's big and hefty (see image to the left), and the optics appear to be just perfect. I'll try it out next weekend when I take the LX200 out into the field again (hopefully!). For $75.00, I think it's a steal.

Soccer this morning was a wreck. Only three kids turned up, plus it was time for us to volunteer at the concession stand. The one parent who volunteered bugged out just yesterday, and the other parent who volunteered was a no-show. So, I went to explain to the lady who runs the show and got the third degree. Well sh*t, I'm volunteering as a coach and have unmotivated parents - what does she want me to do? I hated to do it but I went ahead and sent a nasty gram to the other parents asking them to - politely - pull their socks up! Heck, they can at least call or email when they think they can't come to a match. I will, however, persist and try and coach the team through to the end of the season. The three players that did turn up played very well considering they had no subsitutes and were therefore on the field the entire length of the game. My oldest has become really good at blocking and defending, and she has a hell of a kick as well. Good effort Socceroos!

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