Monday, September 11, 2006

ICT New Website

Been a while since I posted anything in relation to international security. Astronomy has taken up much of my spare time (behind the family, of course!). Still, I've been very much involved and just haven't had time to write about here at the blog as well as for my studies/research. I guess astronomy has served as a gentle distraction from the horrible stuff I study otherwise.

Once site I visit regularly is the Israeli Institute for Counter-Terrorism. Are they biased? Of course! Do they have good information, though? You bet. I attended a seminar held by one of their members on the psychology of suicide terrorism. It was enlightening to say the least, and the speaker reveleaed some very interesting oinformation and concepts about this phenomenon that I had not seriously considered.

The new site has a nicer format, and presents some interesting information for its visitors. I am particularly interested in the multimedia section, where there provide video of analysis, AQ propaganda, al-Manar examples and the like. They even have today's AQ video up for viewing. A bit of it still looks to be under construction, but keep an eye on these folks...

Check their website here.

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