Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LX200 - Change of Plans

I got in touch with the chap at He indicates he can resolve my issue for a lot less than the Supercharge service. So, I'm going for that option. The Supercharge would be nice eventually, but right now it's still a tad expensive for me. The scope is being shipped off tomorrow, and it will probably be gone for a couple of weeks. :-( I shall miss it. *insert sad violin music here* However, it's performance should be much better when I get it back! *insert happy-go-lucky music here*

I will have some savings left over in the astronomy fund as a result of this. I'm looking at either buying an equatorial wedge and a camera to replace my dead LPI (either the Celestron Nextimage or a Toucam Pro), or the Orion XT6 6" dobsonian as a grab and go scope. Another grab and go would be nice - the last one I had didn't quite do it for me and I really love Dobosnians.

In other news, I picked up my old notes about the book I started writing several years ago. I'm currently working on a lengthy work regarding counterterrorism, but for some reason my previous sci-fi attempt entered my head again. Last night I cam up with some more interesting ideas and began jotting down some new plot lines. I might end up working on this and who knows, complete the thing! Getting it published is another idea altogether.

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