Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TriNations Time - Go Wallabies!!!

It's that time of year again, the TriNations rugby match held in the Southern Hemisphere. After an abysmal season last year, the Wallabies looks set to try and make amends. Although hardly anyone here in the US is televising the tournament, we subscribed to the Mediazone Rugby Channel on the internet in order to watch the games. The quality of the broadcasts has been excellent, and we get a lot more commentary than was supplied by the Fox Sports World Channel when they aired the tournament.

My wife and I downloaded the games and got caught up over the past few days. The Wallabies took a hiding when they met the NZ All Blacks for the first game, which I think are a superb team. Then they met South Africa, and beat them in a stunning 49-0 victory. That's one for the books. Last night we watched the SA-NZ game and the Sprinboks played much better rugby. However they still lost! Anyway, the Wallabies play New Zealand again this week and they will need to win to retain the slightest grip on winning the overall tournament. Regrettably I feel that the All Blacks are the better team, but playing at home may give the Wallabies the advantage they need. We'll see...

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