Monday, July 31, 2006

Rugby & Air Racing

The Wallabies did so-so this weekend against New Zealand. The game was very tight, with very good defense and offense on both sides. However, my beloved Wallabies lost 14-9. Not too bad, but the All Blacks have pretyt much sealed the deal for this TriNations tournament. It's okay - they really are a good team.

Flicking around on the TV on Saturday afternoon while the kids were snoozing, I came across a telecast of one of the Red Bull International Air Race Series. I never knew these were televised, and it's really a thrilling sport to watch. Flying at 300MPH at around 50 feet above thew water line makes this, IMHO, probably the best high-speed sport out there. While I occasionally enjoy the Formula One racing, this leaves that sport in the dust. I may find myself becoming quite a fan of this racing medium!

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