Sunday, March 05, 2006

On the quest for more field power...

I am drawing up plans to make up my own power box for the LX200, based on the home-made job someone on the net posted (see right). This is in preparation for the Messier Marathon, and will help me last longer out in the field. My last field trip had my battery pack lasting a mere three hours - not great.

I went to Walmart yesterday and figured I can build this thing for about $80.00. I'll use a marine deep cycle 12 volt, 75 amps per hour battery, which I calculate should last around 36 hours or so with the drain of my scope (less time if I decide to power laptops etc.). I'll house it in a marine battery box, and will try and wire in four power sockets for my gizmos. I'm even feeling adventurous enough to wire my own battery meter into this thing as I build it. Should have the money next week, and I'll build it the following weekend.

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