Thursday, March 30, 2006

13mm Stratus - Woohoo!

Sad as it seems, I sold my little 80mm telescope to get another high quality eyepiece. I didn't use the scope that much and decided to sell it as a result. I sold it on Astromart for a decent price, and included the EQ-1 equatorial mount as well. It got snapped up pretty quickly, but shipping it was a b*tch!

What did I get? The Orion 13mm Stratus! I bought the 21mm model two months ago, and it has become my workhorse. But I wanted a little more umph without using a barlow, so I settled on the 13mm. They are getting rave reviews, and the quality of these eyepieces is lovely. I test drove the eyepiece last Friday, as someone in our observing group let me use it on my scope and I was really impressed with it. Jupiter looked pretty amazing! Naturally, I don't get to use it for a while because there's nothing but cloudy skies forecast for the next week or so. Murphy's Law!


Anonymous said...

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Phil said...

Why, thanks!